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Jet Charters

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Why Charter?

  • No Lines
  • No Crowds
  • No “You Can’t Get there from Here”
  • No Connection Flights
  • No Lost Luggage or Extra Fees
  • No Crazy Flight Schedules

You get enhanced levels of comfort, privacy, and security as well as avoiding the massess and delays typical at airline terminals.You also have 5300 airports to choose from versus the airlines 543. With a charter aircraft, “You can’t get there from here” will no longer be part of your vocabulary.

Save Time! Compared to the 20-25% chance that an airline trip will be delayed or cancelled, you choose precisely what is most suitable for you and you will keep your schedule. Furthermore, you can alter the schedule at any time according to your needs without any penalties. Select amentities for your flights. Whether you need ground transport, vegetarian meals or a certain beverage served on board your private charter aircraft, you dictate your own wants and needs.

How It Works

  1. Choose the charter aircraft which fits your needs and budget > View Our Fleet
  2. Select amenities & services to accompany your flight > Learn about our Services & Amentities
  3. Set your schedule.
  4. Choose your destination.

Worldwide Destinations

Flightstar has world-wide operating authority including:

Atlantic Ocean – Islands and Nations
Australia and New Zealand
Caribbean Sea
Central America
Europe and the Mediterranean Sea
The Middle East
Pacific Ocean –Islands and Nations
Russia, Mongolia, and the CIS Nations
South America
United States, including Alaska and Hawaii