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Airline Maintenance

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Airline Capabilities

The Flightstar Airline Maintenance Division has been performing line and overnight maintenance for the air carriers serving Champaign (CMI) for well over 20 years. This maintenance division currently operates on a 24 hour per day, 365 day a yearbasis.

Flightstar’s airline maintenance division has its own separate and dedicated 33,000 sq/ft. facilities for its operations.

Flightstar’s airline detailing staff keeps the aircraft interiors looking clean and bright.  From quick wipe downs, polishes, and vacuuming to full blown deep cleaning that includes cockpits, carpet, seat cover change outs, and lavatory soaks. They do it all!

  • Engine changes
  • Wing engine maintenance and S.B. compliance
  • T.R. Repairs
  • Fuel system related troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Windshield replacements
  • General overnight maintenance and MEL clearing
  • Periodic service checks
  • Time item maintenance checks
  • Component replacement and system troubleshooting
  • Deep cleaning services on Embraer EMB 135/140/145 aircraft