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The addition of an aircraft can be an essential tool for running and expanding a business. They increase efficiency, reduce wear and tear on employees and help businesses to be more profitable by allowing for more frequent meetings with your clients.

When the time comes for your company to make private aviation part of your business, count on Flightstar to put our extended years of aviation experience to work for you! In addition to assisting in the proper selection and the physical purchase of your aircraft, we offer a turn-key package to manage your aircraft. Our reputation speaks for itself as we currently manage the largest private jet fleet of any community the size of Champaign-Urbana.

Program Details:


Flightstar hires, manages, and trains the flight crews for your aircraft. The average Flightstar flight crew member spends over 28 days per year in recurrent training on normal and emergency aircraft procedures, systems operation, aircraft performance, fatigue management, cockpit resource management, in-flight medical procedures, RVSM requalification, international procedures, company procedures, the safety of flight issues and client preferences.


From the moment you call, our flight coordination staff diligently works to make your travel arrangements truly effortless and enjoyable. From aircraft and crew scheduling to customs arrangements, we take care of it all.

  • FBO selections
  • Contract fuel arrangements
  • Hotel and ground transportation reservations
  • Special client requests
  • In-progress trip flight following and monitoring
  • Fuel efficiency tracking
  • Flight times
  • Trip costs and expenses
  • Crew duty time limitations
  • Client reports


All of the aspects of aircraft ownership are managed by Flightstar on your behalf.

  • Cost monitoring
  • Crew employment issues
  • Upgrade recommendations
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance and revenue production


Although your primary face to face contacts will be with the flight coordination and flight crew personnel, our maintenance staff works behind the scenes to ensure high dispatch reliability rates. This includes:

  • Status briefings at the conclusion of each flight
  • Discrepancy resolution and repair
  • Weekly maintenance inspections
  • Factory recommended maintenance servicing.

Flightstar has over 40 maintenance technicians experienced on Falcons, King Airs, Learjets, Challengers and Global line of aircraft.


All of the managed aircraft receive daily detailing and periodic deep cleaning to ensure they continue looking like new.


Flightstar has many heated hangars totaling over 112,000 square feet of protection from the elements to ensure your aircraft is protected from the elements.


As a Flightstar managed aircraft, you receive our discount pricing on fuel purchased in Champaign. You will also be enrolled in Flightstar's contract fuel programs for fuel while away from home.


Flightstar managed aircraft are covered under the fleet policy at fleet rates. USAIG, the underwriter, has insured Flightstar since the 90's and is known as the best aviation underwriter in the industry.


Other Flightstar managed aircraft are available as back up should your aircraft be down for whatever reason.


Flightstar managed aircraft owners have the option to have their aircraft put on Flightstar’s air carrier certificate to enable charter flights and revenue on the aircraft when not being utilized by the owner.

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Buying and selling an aircraft in today’s market can be a tedious and time-consuming adventure. Without the knowledge, experience and current market information, attempting the process alone can be an expensive experience.

What We Include

Since 1978, Flightstar has provided exceptional personalized service with integrity and confidentiality for both acquisitions and sales of virtually any type of aircraft. Whether buying or selling, put Flightstar’s vast experience to work for you.